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Integration with Suitedash - To post action items into a project in suitedash

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Guest about 1 year ago in Projects 0

Integrate with ClickUp

ClickUp is a powerful and amazing project manager that would benefit even more users if could incorporate.
Guest over 1 year ago in Integrations 0

Make video conference just conferencing

It would be great if you could just drop a link or put in a dial-in instead of having limited choices (Zoom/WebEx). Many of us are using other conference options. I, for example, use Uber Conference. If I use Adam and it says Zoom by default it wi...
Guest over 1 year ago in Actions 2

Integration with Plutio

Plutio is a well know project management platform that was also in Appsumo.It would be greate to have task integrated with Plutio (
Nelson Emilio over 1 year ago in Integrations 0

SMS Meeting Reminders

Integrate SMS reminders to all parties to remind them on a pre-programed schedule that reminds attendees of upcoming meeting.This sequence can be scheduled to be delivered days, hours or even minutes prior to meeting start. Scheduled sequence shou...
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Book Like A Boss Scheduling Integration

Another Sumo deal, lots of customers will have this. Hopefully not far from the existing Calendly integration
Steve P over 1 year ago in Integrations 0

Integrate Google Meet

Video conferencing using GMeet
Guest about 1 year ago in Integrations 0

area to add meeting Recorded links and a way to view them as list by project/period/Meeting Creator/ or filtration criteria because it hard to enter each meeting to get the recorded link to view or share it

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Guest 4 months ago in Meetings 0

Incoming and outgoing webhooks. This will allow things like create a project, add a meeting to a project, invite a guest etc.

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Venessa West 7 months ago in Integrations 0

WP Amelia integration

Would be great to have it integrated with WP Amelia, which is a powerful scheduling plugin for WordPress, also featured on Appsumo
Guest over 1 year ago in Integrations 0