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Automated Audio Transcription - After Uploading Audio File

Implement automatic speech recognition that will transcribe all English audio to text after uploading audio file or if an integration exist or is planned to automatically add meeting audio to audio section then a transcription is triggered. Transc...
Guest over 2 years ago in Other 2

SMS Meeting Reminders

Integrate SMS reminders to all parties to remind them on a pre-programed schedule that reminds attendees of upcoming meeting. This sequence can be scheduled to be delivered days, hours or even minutes prior to meeting start. Scheduled sequence sho...
Guest over 2 years ago in Other 0

idea and bugs submissions from within adam backend

It would be handy to submit ideas and bugs at a time when you're actually confronted with it and do this instantly, which will result in more clearer submissions from a practical point of view. Instead of the tedious approach to handle things via ...
Dieter over 2 years ago in Other 0

Capture Brainstorming Meetings with MindMaps

MindMap view for brainstorming type of meetings where topics could be very fluid Notes creation in mindmap mode Individual mindmap items could be set as an (agenda), (action) or (decision) and autmatically added to the relevant sections on adam Al...
Guest over 2 years ago in Other 0