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Make video conference just conferencing

It would be great if you could just drop a link or put in a dial-in instead of having limited choices (Zoom/WebEx). Many of us are using other conference options. I, for example, use Uber Conference. If I use Adam and it says Zoom by default it wi...
Guest over 2 years ago in Actions 2

Allow Actions to be assigned to more than one Project

When assigning a Project to an Action please allow for multi-select so that the Action will appear in all projects it affects/is relevant to and appear in each relevant project list.
Kali Madden over 2 years ago in Actions 0

Add a dependency of this action to another

Ability to add a dependency on an action to another action. ie; This action can't be done until after this other action. Dependent actions would be listed under the higher level action providing a better view and more orginazation.
Guest over 2 years ago in Actions 0