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Use of own domain via CNAME

Would it be possible to let us use our own domain, e.g. to personalise the experience? This could be achieved via DNS cname.
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LiveWebinar Integration

LiveWebinar is a great tool for hosting meetings via their Hangouts layout (functions similarly to Zoom). Expanding video conferencing integrations beyond Zoom/Cisco Webex is important for AppSumo customers with lifetime accounts at both LiveWebi...
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Meeting and Video Transcription - The ability to have the meeting transcribed real time or upload a video after the meeting to include a transcription with meeting notes

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Automated Audio Transcription - After Uploading Audio File

Implement automatic speech recognition that will transcribe all English audio to text after uploading audio file or if an integration exist or is planned to automatically add meeting audio to audio section then a transcription is triggered.Transcr...
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Vectera integration

Instead of having in one tab and vectera in other, having all in the same app
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Voting Function

Add a voting function that allows meeting participants to vote publically or anonymously on specific meeting ideas recommended by any meeting participant.
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Integrate with ClickUp

ClickUp is a powerful and amazing project manager that would benefit even more users if could incorporate.
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Integration with Suitedash - To post action items into a project in suitedash

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Integrately Integration ('Easy to use' Zapier alternative with +425 integrations)

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Rasmus Knudsen 8 months ago in Integrations 0

Make video conference just conferencing

It would be great if you could just drop a link or put in a dial-in instead of having limited choices (Zoom/WebEx). Many of us are using other conference options. I, for example, use Uber Conference. If I use Adam and it says Zoom by default it wi...
Guest over 1 year ago in Actions 2